Hasegawa Anti-Bacterial Makisu Sushi Mat, Medium size
Hasegawa Anti-Bacterial Makisu Sushi Mat, Medium size

Hasegawa Anti-Bacterial Makisu Sushi Mat, Medium size

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The best makisu ever that are super hygenic 
and less likely to stick to rice!!

HASEGAWA-Makisu is a revolutionary makisu that makes use of neither the traditional bamboo nor cotton strings but advanced plastic and monofilaments.
They are not only hygienic but also easy to roll as a makisu. 
Designed with several benefits below.

   - Does not generate splinters or black mold, like the those conventional bamboo ones always does.
   - The monofilaments that deter contamination are used for the binding strings.
   - Rice less likely to stick to its embossed surfaces.
   - Easy to dry so that can be used soon after washing.
   - Yet as easy to roll as conventional bamboo ones.
   - Dishwasher safe, bleach safe.


No Cling Film Needed! Flexible enough to roll! Firm enough to tighten up!
No Cling Film needed !
Flexible enough to roll
Firm enough to tighten up
Monofilaments are used for the binding strips. 
 - No Soaking of contaminants!
 - Lint Free!
 - No Knots!
Embossed Plastic Strips
 - No Splinters!
 - No Black Mold!
Monofilaments are used for the binding strings.No soaking of contaminants!Lint free!No knots!Embossed Anti-bacterial Strips.No splinters!No black mold!
The tough, but thin mono-filaments narrows the gap between each strip, keeping tiny food residues from remaining lodged in-between.


Made in Japan

Model Name W x L   mm (inch) Weight   g (lbs) Heat-Proof & Colors
FMK - S 250 x 165   ( 10 x 6.5 ) 110   ( 0.23 ) 100 C  (212 F)

Green, Blue
FMK - M 250 x 240   ( 10 x 9.5 ) 160   ( 0.33 )
FMK - L 250 x 305   ( 10 x 12 ) 200   ( 0.42 )

** Please email us about the color you want. Otherwise your order will be shipped with random color.