Takeshi Saji VG10 Damascus Santoku 180mm Stag Handle

Takeshi Saji VG10 Damascus Santoku 180mm Stag Handle

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Takeshi Saji, who is famous for his exceptional work of hunting knives is now also forging some of the best artisan kitchen knives as well. Obtained the highest award of Dento-Kougeishi in 1994, he is the leading bladesmith in the Echizen district. His work is highly artistic, utilizing some of the most exotic traditional skills and materials to perfect his work. For example, he is famous for using the R2/SG2 powder metallurgy steel to forge his high-end blades, which can reach a mighty HRC 64; for handles, he uses rare natural materials like stag bone, and desert ironwood; he also use the traditional Makie Urushi (one of the most exotic traditional Japanese lacquer painting technique, see here) in some of his limited runs.    


I have long wanted one of Saji-san's R2/SG2 blades, way before I get into the knife vending business, but unfortunately when I was ready to buy, everywhere was showing me the "OUT-OF-STOCK", proving it is in a such high demand with limited supply to the market. So the first thing after I started K&S, was to see if I can get some of his blade. Luckily through our strong channel, I was able to finally get some of his "most wanted" blades: R2/SG2 core diamond damascus pattern sanmai blade with desert ironwood handle and VG10 core damascus with stag handle.


K&S is proud to carry Takeshi Saji knife. 







Total Length


Tip to Heel Length


Blade Height at Heel


Width of Spine Above Heel 


Width of Spine at Middle of Blade


Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip



VG10 core with stainless damascus clad


HRC 60

Handle Design

Stag Bone